Business offerings

The company provides an array of financial services including MicroLoans, Secured and Unsecured MSME Loans, savings and Insurance to its clients. The lending methodology is SHG based with group guarantee for Microloans.

Micro Loans: Saggraha offers Income Generation loans to women borrowers in rural areas under SHG and JLG models. Each group consists of 5 to 10 members and they would apply for loan through our branches. The loan amount range from Rs. 15,000 upto Rs. 50,000 as per the RBI and Bank's policy. Saggraha offers flexible loan tenors starting from 12 months to 24 months and the interest rates range between 23% upto 26% (Annual Diminishing). There is no part-payment or pre-closure penalties.

MSME Loans: Saggraha provides small business loans to Micro and Small enterprises for investment and working capital requirements. While unsecured loans range between Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 2.50 lakh, the secured loans are upto Rs. 5 lakhs.. Based on the business requirements and cashflows, the eligibility is arrived at. For secured loans, residential property or similar fixed assets are mortgaged as security.

Savings & Insurance: Saggraha offers savings account and life insurance services to its microloans clients. The company has partnered with various Banks and Insurance companies for provision of these services.